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Otto Group has been operating in Russia since 1990. Now Otto Group Russia has around 1700 employees and includes the companies DIRECT CATALOGUE SERVICE (German brands OTTO, QUELLE, WITT, bonprix), NADOM Group (originally a Russian distance-selling company offering goods for household, health and beauty, shoes and accessories), QUELLE Russia (a famous multichannel brand acquired by the Group in 2009), eSolutions (a company dedicated to online business development) as well as logistics and fulfillment companies based in Tver: BUSINESS SERVICE and PromoPost.

Otto Group worldwide

Founded in 1949 in Germany, the Otto Group is now a worldwide-operating trade and services group with about 50,000 employees working in 123 companies in 30 countries of Europe, North and South America and Asia.

It operates in three business segments: Multichannel Retail, Financial Services and Services. Its Multichannel Retail concept is based on three pillars: the catalogue business, E-commerce and over-the-counter retail trade. The company is the largest online retailer worldwide for fashion and lifestyle, and overall is number 2 behind Amazon. Global corporate activities and a variety of strategic partnerships and joint ventures provide the Otto Group with excellent opportunities to transfer know-how and to use synergy potentials.

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